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April 2019’s Most Wanted Malware: Cybercriminals up to Old ‘TrickBots’ Again


Check Point’s latest Global Threat Index sees banking trojan Trickbot return to top ten list after 2 year absence

In April 2019, banking trojan Trickbot re-appeared in the top ten most wanted malware list for the first time in almost two years.

The multi-purpose trojan became April’s 8th most prevalent malware variant, returning with new capabilities, features and distribution vectors. Trickbot offers a high level of flexibility and customization, which enables it to be distributed as part of multi-purpose campaigns.

Trickbot was used in one such campaign in April that coincided with Tax Day in the USA. The spam campaign sent emails with Excel files attached, which downloaded Trickbot to victims’ computers. Once downloaded, Trickbot could spread inside the network and steal banking details and confidential tax documents for fraudulent use.

Although, cryptominers still occupied the top three positions in the index, the remaining seven malware types in April’s top ten were multi-purpose trojans, which is especially concerning given the fact that they may be used not only to steal private data and credentials, but also to populate other ransomwares (in fact, we’ve seen Emotet and Trickbot populate the Ryuk ransomware). As these malware constantly morph, enterprises must have a robust line of defence against them with advanced threat prevention.

The fill story from CheckPoint is here:

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