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    Acuant Joins Forces with Microsoft to Build a More Trustworthy Identity Ecosystem with Verifiable Credentials

    Acuant, a leading global provider of identity verification solutions, today announced its collaboration with Microsoft to improve verifiability and secure information exchange in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) through Acuant’s My Digital ID.

    Azure AD verifiable credentials are now available in public preview. The introduction of Azure AD verifiable credentials allows businesses and users to establish trust without sacrificing data privacy, changing the way we grant permissions to access information. My Digital ID from Acuant will be an offering that enables organizations to issue, request and verify digital credentials to accelerate onboarding of new and existing users, secure access to apps and enable a more trustworthy credential recovery experience.

    Through an open standards approach, organizations are enabled to verify a wide variety of attributions including identity documents, biometrics and other identification data providing individuals with more control of their shared personal information.

    Acuant’s real time, multi-factor authentication credential facilitates frictionless onboarding, helps eliminate security concerns and protects the personal data and privacy of users, all in one digital wallet. The end result is a verified My Digital ID card (verified credential) that will be in the Microsoft Authenticator app and other wallet apps that support open standards.

    Benefits of My Digital ID in Azure AD:

    • Ease of Use and Control: Users can verify their identity once to use everywhere it is accepted and are in control of the data they choose to share.
    • Fast and Secure Remote Onboarding: Rapidly onboard users with a universal platform for verifying employment, eligibility and digital identification.
    • Self-Service Enrollment and Account Recovery: Enable passwordless authentication, replace usernames and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) with secure ID verification during enrollment and account recovery.
    • Secure Access to Apps: Store and present verified credentials to determine the level of access to grant users to resources and applications.

    “We know the world is going digital-fast, and we need technology that can establish trust wherever consumers want to transact,” said Yossi Zekri, President and CEO of Acuant. “We are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft and contribute to bringing an open standards approach for verifiable credentials to the masses, putting them in control of their data.”

    Sue Bohn, Partner Director Program Management, Identity Division at Microsoft Corp. said, “Verifiable credentials will revolutionize the way we grant access to information. Organizations will be able to verify identity information quickly with solutions like Acuant’s My Digital ID, while individuals will be able to own and control their credentials.”

    With thanks to Global Newswire. The full story is here:

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