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    Hacked Customer Support Portal Being Used to Send Phishing Emails

    A hacked customer support portal belonging to router manufacturer Mercku is being used to respond to customer queries with phishing emails, BleepingComputer reports.

    If a customer files a support ticket through the company’s Zendesk portal, they’ll receive an automated response that attempts to trick them into granting access to their Metamask cryptocurrency account.

    The phishing emails contain well-written and grammatically correct messages that appear to come from the Metamask team, informing users that they need to update their accounts’ security settings. The emails state, “Your account will experience temporary inaccessibility until you complete the update. To prevent any inconvenience and potential loss of account access, we kindly request that you complete this mandatory update within the next 24 hours.”

    BleepingComputer states, “In our tests, we contacted Mercku via its Zendesk portal and received the above message in place of an automated acknowledgment. The acknowledgment email is a phishing message. Users should not respond to it and not open any links or attachments contained therein. MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that uses the Ethereum blockchain and is available as a browser extension and a mobile app. Given its popularity, MetaMask has often become a target for attackers including phishing actors and crypto scammers.”

    The phishing website is currently down, but Mercku customers should be on guard until the company resolves the issue.

    “Fortunately, during our tests, the final destination web page indicates that the .store domain’s hosting account has been  ‘suspended’ and therefore further attacks have been thwarted for now,” BleepingComputer says.

    “BleepingComputer contacted Mercku’s support and press teams over the weekend to notify them of this compromise and ask additional questions about how it occurred. In the meantime, Mercku customers and prospects should refrain from using the manufacturer’s support portal and interacting with any communications originating from it.”

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    BleepingComputer has the story.

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