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    +44 (0) 1628 308038

    EducateID Creating the Human Firewall

    Remember,  with KnowBe4’s Ransomware Guarantee, if your employees have gone through their training, they guarantee they will pay your ransom if you get hit by ransomware!

    Protection from the ultimate endpoint & enabling a human firewall

    With 65% of data breaches coming from an internal employee issue, we work with our market leading provider of security awareness training, KnowBe4, to provide ethical phishing campaigns that highlight areas for training your employee base via their proven Security Awareness Training.

    This ensures they don’t click on that link or get social engineered to install other malware that can cause your organisation irreparable damage, or worse, making you become one of the 1 in 6 businesses that go under after a cyber attack. In addition we can help avoid CEO fraud via training your employees and by utilising an automated invoiced processing system that picks up fraudulent invoices.

    Regardless of sector, most of our organisations have to adhere to compliance or legislative regulations and requirements. This can be a headache to ensure all employees understand these regulations and the system provides a full audit trail across your whole employee base when the regulator comes knocking on your door.

    Using our unique security awareness training services and compliance training services we ensure your employee base are up to date with all the latest training and can provide a full audit report at the click of a button.

    Employee Training Services

    The Employee Training service helps to ensure the security of organisational systems and data and avoid phishing attack success, ransomware installation, hacking and data breaches. In addition our compliance training services helps you keep the right side of the regulator.

    • 65% of internal data breaches (GDPR/NIS key elements) are employee led. Educate your employee base via:
      • The Phishing Test Approach: Send employees a simulated phishing attack, and train them if they fail.
      • The Human Firewall Approach: Train all employees on-line and send frequent phishing attacks.
    • Ensure your employees are fully aware of and compliant to core organisation policies via e-learning
      • GDPR and data protection
      • FCA & AML Compliance
      • Fraud Prevention
      • Full compliance audit capability

    Key Benefits


    • „Reduced malware infections
    • „Reduced data loss
    • „Reduced potential cyber-theft
    • „Users have security top of mind
    • Employees are fully compliant with relevant regulations
    • Fully auditable platforms for both cyber and compliance training


    • „Reduced help desk calls
    • „Reduced cleaning and re-imaging of machines
    • „Reduced down time, increased user productivity
    • Employees are on-boarded and trained via our fully automated platform reducing on-boarding costs
    • Reduced time proving compliance to regulations
    • „Real ROI

    Remember,  with KnowBe4’s Ransomware Guarantee, if your employees have gone through their training, they guarantee they will pay your ransom if you get hit by ransomware!


    Find how affordable Security Awareness Training is for your organisation!


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