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    +44 (0) 1628 308038

    ProtectID Secure Data & Fraudulent Data Sharing Storage

    Secure Data Management & Data Sharing

    In today’s data hungry world the ability to secure your data is key. Working with our key data management partner and leaders in their field, Engeneum, TIO provides fully secure data management enabling your organisation to securely upload, share and review outcomes from local, regional or international locations via a web browser, automatically from any identity validation system.

    ISO 27001 certified and G-cloud mandated and with a fully customisable Workbench, this can be designed to your specifications. Fully auditable and with the ability to integrate in to your in-house applications, its your data, securely stored and managed in GDPR compliant manner.

    With its fully automated workflow application built in, it gives our clients the ability to manipulate the data and move it through their business with the ultimate ease and with the peace of mind that each process is taken care of with minimum human intervention. This makes each process so cost-effective the system ROI is immediate.

    One of the other key benefits of this workflow is the ability to share fraudulent data across industry and with key law enforcement partners. You get the benefit of both sharing out your fraudulent data and interrogating other clients data to help reduce the incidence of fraud.

    All your data, in one place

    It doesn’t just store the outcomes of your identity validations and  verifications, you can upload anything relating to each application, held in one easily accessible and secure location.

    Some of our clients have found that Engeneum is so affordable and easy to implement and use, they have rolled it out to other areas of their business such as invoice processing and patient records.

    Key Benefits

    • Highly secure & data available 24 / 7
    • No software or maintenance costs
    • Store a wide variety of Business Documents in various formats i.e. PDFs, TIFFs, Photos, Video, MS Office Documents, X-Rays and Print data
    • User permission levels give you the security you require
    • Full audit of activity and usage reports as standard
    • API WEB – allows you to integrate to your in-house systems
    • Secure UK ISO 27001 data centre
    • Ability to share fraudulent data across industry

    Engeneum Data Management



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