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    You have challenging compliance requirements, not enough time to get audits done, and keeping up with risk assessments is a continuous problem.

    Big, complex GRC platforms are expensive, take forever to deploy, and need two people with wrenches to keep them going. Meanwhile, your compliance, risk, and audit projects are piling up because of the lack of resources. Your organization does not need overly complex workflows, but somehow GRC vendors think “complex is good” (and expensive).

    If you and your team are faced with:

    • Challenging compliance requirements
    • Not enough time to get audits done
    • Keeping up with risk assessments
    • Vetting & managing vendors to mitigate third-party risk
    • Lack of resources
    • No easy-to-use tools

    See how the KCM GRC platform can save you the maximum amount of time getting GRC done.

    When your next audit comes up, are you thinking: “UGH, is it that time again?” It does not have to be that way!

    With KnowBe4’s KCM you can manage your compliance and risk projects and vet and monitor your third-party vendors faster than ever. KCM is a SaaS-based GRC platform that helps you effectively and efficiently manage risk and compliance within your organization and across your third-party security vendors, while gaining insight into gaps within your security program.

    In half the time and half the cost, with KCM GRC you can efficiently manage compliance and risk initiatives, vet and manage third-party risk, and understand at a glance what items need to be addressed.

    See how you can get audits done in half the time at half the cost:

    The KCM GRC platform is offered at different subscription levels to meet the needs of all organisations and is available with the following modules.

    Compliance Management

    KCM effectively reduces the time you need to satisfy all of the requirements necessary to meet risk and compliance goals. Spend significantly less time and money dealing with your compliance and audit initiatives

    Policy Management

    KCM provides a central repository to store, distribute and acknowledge your compliance policies. You can easily track your policy distribution and user acknowledgement

    Risk Management

    Getting insight to your organisation’s risk is easy. KCM’s risk module integrates with the compliance module and allows compliance or audit gaps to be escalated to the risk register.

    Vendor Risk Management

    KCM makes it easy to manage the entire lifecycle of you vendors from onboarding to offboarding to ensure that organisations are compliant while doing business with you

    See how you can get audits done in half the time at half the cost:


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