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How exposed is your Business to a cyber attack?

A Cyber Security Awareness Training programme for employees is the single most important factor to preventing 95% of the cyber attacks in the workplace.  Working with our dedicated partner and the recognised leader in the provision of security awareness training, KnowBe4, our constantly evolving cyber security awareness training program and simulated email campaigns help create a human firewall, by keeping staff trained, on their toes and aware of the latest scams.


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You need Cyber Security Awareness Training

Your users are the last line of defence

They need to be trained and remain on their toes with security top of their mind.

To help you manage this, TIO are the UK partners of KnowBe4, the Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders for the Security Awareness Computer-Based Training (CBT) market.

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Why TIO?

At TIO, we work hard to ensure the services and systems we provide are at the cutting edge of identity validation, data management and fraudulent data sharing capabilities. In addition we can train your employees in cyber security awareness and ensure they are fully compliant via our compliance training. This allows you to get on with your day job, safe in the knowledge that you have the best protection available.

DETECT – We help our clients validate the identity of their employees, tenants, customers or anyone that may potentially have an adverse impact on their business.

PROTECT – Many of the applications your business processes, require you to retain a copy of the validated (or not!) data or document. This means a data security headache for many organisations in these days of hacking, malware and data breaches. To help our clients ensure the security of this data, TIO delivers full GDPR compliant data or document security through our ISO27001 secure UK data centres (some people call it the cloud).  This enables us to secure your data but also allows you to share red data (fraudulent or comprised data) cross-sector with other organisations to further minimise the risk of fraud.

EDUCATE – To further enhance the security of your organisation, your customers and your data, TIO run KnowBe4’s Cyber Security Awareness Training across your employee base to help your employees understand the dangers and routes of a cyber attack and further protect your data from cyber criminals. This includes full ethical phishing campaigns to your user base to help understand where your training is required. In addition we run on-line compliance training for topics such as GDPR awareness training, bribery, sanctions, FCA compliance etc. The whole platform is fully auditable and can comply with all internal policies and compliance requirements.

We are proud members of the Association of Document Validation Professionals


  • Easily Validate Identity Documents
  • Passports, ID Cards, Driving Licences, Visas etc.
  • Desktop, portable or online services available
  • Additional Due Diligence checks available
  • Adhere to KYE, KYC, AML, Right to Work and Right to Rent Legislation
  • Biometric Enrolment
  • Automatic and secure data upload to ProtectID

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  • Secure storage, retrieval and sharing of data – instantly
  • Access to all locations via a standard web browser
  • ISO 27001, G-Cloud 10 and GDPR compliant systems
  • The ability to securely share data cross-sector further reducing the risk of fraud
  • Full audit trail & easily configured
  • Full workflow automation ensures a cost-effective solution

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  • KnowBe4 Cyber Security Awareness Training for all employees
  • Ethical phishing to identify areas of concern
  • Multi-level training to combat malware, ransomware, CEO Fraud
  • GDPR Compliance Training
  • Anti Money Laundering
  • Financial Crime Prevention
  • Bribery Prevention
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Economic Sanctions

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And let us help you keep your organisation, your employees and your customers free from identity and cyber crime and the effects and issues they cause whilst ensuring your organisation and employees are fully compliant.

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