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    Fully automated identity verification for a remote world.

    Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.


    Working with our core partner, OCR Labs, we can delivers powerful, fully automated Identity Verification and KYC/AML with proven rapid implementation allowing our clients to deploy in as little as a few hours. Seriously. They use machine learning rather than templates to verify almost any identity document. This allows our clients to get you up and running, meet compliance needs and provide low friction customer experiences. Whether you are implementing a new solution or upgrading your current one, we take the heavy lifting and dependency on manual resources out of the equation by using proprietary technology for a fully automated process.

    16,000 +ID Document coverage

    230 Countries Covered

    142 Languages and Typesets

    100% Proprietary technology, all built in-house

    Human centric design, integration & UX

    Fully-automated identity verification, results in seconds.

    Fully Compliant: KYC/AML/GDPR


    99.997%Biometric Face Matching Accuracy

    Verify users with live video that connects to your call centre

    • All the fraud detection capabilities of an automated approach with video capabilities added for regional regulatory compliance
    • Live video authentication connects your own or an outsourced client support centre
    • Guided verification prompts to onboard any user
    • Implement live video call verification with minimal support team training

    Enable Remote Onboarding in Multiple Application Types


    Remotely Onboarding customers is becoming the norm.

    Whatever financial services your organisation provides, our onboarding enables you to onboard new customers while adhering to AML/KYC requirements.


    With working remotely looking likely for the future, when do you see your applicants face to face?

    You can now bring on your valuable new employee, regardless of location or sector, whilst adhering to Right to Work requirements.


    Scale your user onboarding, without increasing the odds of onboarding fraudsters

    iGaming is seen as the testing ground for fraud. Our neural network applies the same contextual fraud assessment to every transaction.


    If you’re involved in property buying and selling (or renting!), our customer onboarding can ensure adherence to current and upcoming compliance requirements.

    Adhere to the new HM Land Registry Safe Harbour requirements for house sales and Right to Rent legislation for rentals


    When you rent a vehicle, you need to validate identities whilst ensuring adherence to GDPR.

    Onboard customers whilst can ensuring adherence to all legislative and regulatory requirements and keep your business safe from fraud and fines.


    In fact, we can help you remotely onboard any customer in an online environment.

    We are focused on making identity proofing effortless through technology. We build intelligent tools that protect users from identity fraud while enabling a seamless user experience.

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    Fully automated identity verification for a remote world.Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.


    Biometric Verification

    • Stay ahead of fraudsters with technology built to learn in real-time
    • Culturally agnostic – no matter race, age, gender or smartphone
    • Liveness detection without the tradeoff of video challenge friction or low security of selfies
    • Live video determines context of face shown and reviews objects and surroundings in room


    • Onboard any user, anywhere, no matter their identity document
    • Rapid expansion into new markets with a single supplier
    • Extract content from a document without user input to streamline UX
    • Advanced and consistent document fraud analysis at scale
    • Validate NFC chip data against the optical data on an identity document

    Data Verification

    • Document information is extracted from ID document via OCR and verified against data sources
    • Address extracted from ID via OCR and verified against local government databases
    • Geotagging, IP address, VPN usage and device data extracted during verification
    • ‘Bring Your Own Data’ – plug in your data sources

    Meet your global compliance and onboarding goals with one supplier

    Choose one of our ready to GO packages to meet your needs. Inquire about Add Ons and if you don’t quite see what you need, book some time to talk about customization.

    Our consultants are there to provide context driven user experiences to match identity proofing and needed due diligence. We help you answer the most important questions.

    Get equipped for the toughest regulatory standards

    Our platform meets the most stringent privacy, security and integrity standards – including iBeta, TDIF, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 + many more.

    Speed past application dropoff

    Instantly verify new users from anywhere, on any smartphone with our fully automated solution. Remove agent intervention and reduce drop off with near instant results.

    Stop bad actors, not genuine customers

    Our neural network applies the same contextual fraud assessment to every transaction. Ensuring fraudsters are kept out and customers get the best user experience possible.



    Identity Validation and Customer Onboarding

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