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    The ‘RedStore’:

    • Is a high security digital repository for compromised & illegal documents and applications
    • Enables sharing of fraudulent data between organisations and sectors
    • Supports fraud prevention both internally, and externally to organisations
    • Has been demonstrated to a mix of organisations, sectors and applications with wide acceptance
    • Is powered by the Engeneum engine

    So what do you get?

    “Free Red Store” Solution (FRSS):                                                                                    £0.00

    • Internal Usage to check internal applications and internal sharing only
    • 3 Individual User ID’s included (3 x e-mail addresses)
    • 1000 documents per annum
    • Upload illegal/fraudulent/compromised documents and applications
    • Workbench – point and click, secure encrypted desktop document upload
    • FRSS Upgrades
    • Additional users (£20 per month per user) (5 User pack minimum) £ 100.00 per month
    • Additional Documents (up to 12,000 per annum)                              £ 100.00 per mont

    Powered By:

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    Redstore – Share fraudulent data

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