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    GCA Cybersecurity Toolkit for Small Business

    The Global Cyber Alliance has launched a free online resource that small businesses can use to significantly reduce their cyber risk.

    Improving your company’s cybersecurity doesn’t have to be overwhelming or costly. GCA has developed and assembled several tools that you can implement for free and immediately start improving your security. Check these out, and get more secure today!

    Small businesses are the lifeblood of the global economy. They provide all manner of essential services – to individuals, to government, to larger organisations, and to each other. Even though a business may be small, when it comes to cybercrime, the risks are great – as the statistics show: 58% of cybercrime targets small businesses1 and, according to recent research, the global cost of cybercrime in 2018 was estimated to be $600 billion (USD).2

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    Whether the victim of identity theft, malware, a phishing scam, ransomware attack or email spoofing, a small business can be crippled by any of these with devastating consequences both for the business itself and the ecosystem of which they are a part. Many small businesses are forced to close shortly after a cyber-attack, due to the financial impact. For those that do survive, limiting reputational damage and rebuilding trust are key. Prevention is by far the best course of action. Ignoring cyber risk is no longer an option, and ignorance is not an excuse.

    The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA), in partnership with Mastercard, released a new Cybersecurity Toolkit specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. This free online resource is available worldwide and offers actionable guidance and tools with clear directions to combat the increasing volume of cyber-attacks. We have focused on common security issues, global standards and recognised best practices. We have tried to turn what is often perceived as a confusing minefield into a clear course of action that will increase an SMEs resilience to cyber-attack. The toolkit is divided into a series of toolboxes, each organized and described in a way that makes it as easy as possible for people without basic cybersecurity knowledge to understand the risks and select the right tools for their organisation. All of these tools are free to use.

    This toolkit is aimed at the small businesses who may often think, “Why would anyone want to attack me?” and “I’d rather focus on tasks that will deliver revenue.” But the truth is, not only do small businesses hold valuable information themselves but they also form the stepping stone into larger organisations that may be the hackers’ ultimate target.

    This toolkit is an important step forward in the fight against cybercrime. Please take advantage of the toolkit at Watch the videos, read the advice and utilise the tools. Please also encourage others within your network to do likewise – that way, together, we will make a difference.

    Thank you for helping improve our global cybersecurity.

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    Cyber Security for SME’s

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