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    The AI Genie Has Escaped: Stanford copied ChatGPT for a few hundred bucks

    Loz Blain at NewAtlas just reported that Stanford has copied the ChatGPT AI for less than $600. The article started out with: “Stanford’s Alpaca AI performs similarly to the astonishing ChatGPT on many tasks – but it’s built on an open-source language model and cost less than US$600 to train up. It seems these godlike AIs are already frighteningly cheap and easy to replicate.”

    The meteoric rise of ChatGPT has shown its impressive capacity. The new GPT-4 is even better. Lots of large companies are now creating their own versions.

    But what if you could create your own Evil Genie AI for almost nothing?

    Well, that time is now. Blain explained how they did it: “A Stanford research team started out with Meta’s open-source LLaMA 7B language model – the smallest and cheapest of several LLaMA models available.”  Note, Meta has made this model available to researchers, but the problem is that after a week the entire LLaMA model was leaked on 4chan so now every miscreant, bad actor and sociopath can get their grubby hands on it. 

    Blain continues: “So, with the LLaMA 7B model up and running, the Stanford team then basically asked GPT to take 175 human-written instruction/output pairs, and start generating more in the same style and format, 20 at a time. This was automated through one of OpenAI’s helpfully provided APIs, and in a short time, the team had some 52,000 sample conversations to use in post-training the LLaMA model. Generating this bulk training data cost less than US$500. Then, they used that data to fine-tune the LLaMA model – a process that took about three hours on eight 80-GB A100 cloud processing computers. This cost less than US$100.”

    And to add insult to injury, another group released code on Github that can run on a Raspberry Pi and complete the training process within five hours on a single high-end nVidia RTX 4090 graphics card.

    Just think of the capabilities that state-sponsored bad actors, dictators, spammers and anti-social elements now have available…

    Full article here.

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