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    When a USB Flash Drive is Actually a Bomb

    A journalist based in Ecuador recently used a USB flash drive that was actually a legitimate bomb.

    While the journalist thankfully suffered minor injuries, there have been other journalists at multiple news outlets that were sent the same USB flash drive in an envelope with the same explosive. In a statement by Xavier Chango, the National Head of Forensic Science, “It’s a military-type explosive, but very small capsules”.

    Per the Ecuadorian government, these attacks were fueled by intimidation to the media. In a statement, “Any attempt to intimidate journalism and freedom of expression is a loathsome action that should be punished with all the rigor of justice”. 

    Although this is a very extreme case, the main learning lesson is to NEVER insert an unknown USB drive you are not familiar with. New-school security awareness training can train your employees to watch out for these types of USB attacks. 

    The Guardian has the full story

    Free USB Security Test

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